Introducing: The New Haircutting Template

Shifting The Focus of Clipper HairCutting

The New Learning Language


What is: "the new haircutting template"

 ClockPoint Angle haircutting instruction points.

The New Haircutting Template is a groundbreaking approach to haircutting instruction that replaces the traditional 360-degree template with the numeric alignment of the traditional clock face. Instead of navigating through 360 different points, the New Haircutting Template simplifies and streamlines the process by focusing on 12 distinct ClockPoint angles. This innovative method aims to make haircutting instruction more accessible, intuitive, and comprehensive by leveraging the familiar numeric positions and placements of a traditional clock face, ensuring ease of understanding and application.

The New ClockPoint Template

This promotes a new intuitive understanding with an accelerated learning curve.

The Degrees Template

360 points! of which only 2.77% is commonly used. The old foundation of instruction.

what sets this book apart?

efficiency, Organization, speed: The Clockpoint Difference!

We have replaced our deepest thoughts with meticulous organization and developed new instructions.  We created visual illustrations to ensure a path free from confusion. Eliminating months of clipper-cutting trials and errors.  Learning faster is only one advantage; it’s about building unshakeable confidence at record speed. Reducing learning curves is said to take months or years. Through clarity and simplicity, walk away in days with the knowledge and technique to perform at the highest levels. 

"ClockPoint: Revolutionizing Haircutting with Timeless Instruction."

New Modernized Approach and Appearance to Instruction

Contrast paints a vivid picture. The vintage allure of a 1960s barbershop, captured in monochrome, stands as a testament to old-school methods and techniques. Right beside it, the brilliance of a state-of-the-art barbershop shines, embodying the essence of "Shifting the Focus of Clipper Haircutting." This isn't just a cosmetic upgrade; it's a complete overhaul in approach, appearance, and results. The book ushers in a modernized era of haircutting education, ensuring swift, precise outcomes. As the world progresses, so does the art of barbering, and this transformation is at the heart of our modern methodology.

who is this book for?

A Diverse Design for - a Diverse Audience

We provide the depth of thought, the meticulous organization, and new instruction. ‘ClockPoint’ is the new standard. We organized every technique for you, ensuring a path free from confusion.  you won’t waste months trying to imulate clipper cutting videos; you’ll be following detailed procedures in days. learning faster is only one advantage; it’s about building unshakeable confidence at record speed as well. every detail forms your success, where clarity is all we speak, and where improvement is accelerated at a speed unknown by today’s industry.

Aspiring Haircutting Professionals

Those just starting their journey in the world of haircutting will find "ClockPoint" an invaluable resource. It offers a foundational understanding that's clear and easy to grasp, ensuring a strong start in their career.

Seasoned Haircutting Experts

Even those with years of experience can benefit from the innovative techniques and insights presented. It offers a fresh perspective and can introduce seasoned professionals to new methods that can refine and elevate their existing skills.

Haircutting Educators/instructors

an Educational resource, to answer and explain the most difficult techniques that they may have struggled to perform or explain. " as a teaching tool", its a method that is both innovative and effective. It serves as an add on to a current curriculum.

Salon Owners

For those who are running the shop, this book can serve as a means of training that will raise the skillset of the workers and assist in raising the retention rate.ensuring a consistent and high-quality service offering to clients. creating a great harmonious working environment of unity and cohesiveness.

DIY Enthusiasts

Individuals interested in learning haircutting for personal reasons, to cut family or friends, can benefit from the clear, step-by-step techniques presented. Its not just for those who want to cut their own hair either, but also for the person looking to save or earn some extra cashflow, or enhance the hobby.

Haircutting Aficionados

Even those who don't practice haircutting but have a keen interest in the art and science behind it will find "Shifting the foucs of clipper haircutting" an amzing read filled with multiple uh-huh moments and a strong applicable logic that makes clear sense to someone not in working in the industry.

Where can i get this book?

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"ClockPoint: it's clear Why We Stand Out."

By Far The Best Clipper Cutting Instruction Anywhere...!

Innovative Approach:

ClockPoint offers a groundbreaking perspective on haircutting, moving away from the abstract and complex techniques of traditional methods.

ClockPoint Precision:

Our system, rooted in the familiar structure of a clock, identifies exact angles for cutting, making the learning process more intuitive and straightforward.

Accelerated Proficiency:

ClockPoint dramatically reduces the technical learning curve, enabling learners to grasp and apply instructions faster and with an unprecedented level of comprehension.

Unwavering Confidence:

confidence, empowerment, easy to follow instructions that deliver results faster then ever before. Overcoming fears and instilling knowledge.

All-Inclusive Learning:

our methodology balances left and right-handed cutter instruction. practitioners are skilled to service both men and women clients for all haircutting services. no other instruction does that.

Complete Curriculum:

We teach the most in-depth curriculum in the market. where haircuttting is the only focus. This gives us the advantage to focus deeper on techniques that are overlooked in other methods.

Simplicity is Key:

simplicity is our foundation to our fast-tracked results. when others allows time to dictate the outcome, we use easy guides to reach our goal immediately.


We areis meticulously detailed, leaving no room for ambiguity. all techniques, all steps are laid out with concentrated consideration to make learning smooth and thoughtless.

an Unmatched Process:

The logic and application is solid, concrete and easy to retain. We ensure that practitioners seamlessly integrate instruction in their daily routines and processes right away.

3 Amazing benefits this book provides

the Light that leads the Industry into the future of Clipper HAirCutting

Universal Instructions Applicable to All Textures of Hair:

Whether curly, straight, wavy, or coiled, this book offers structured techniques that are applicable and effective for every hair type, ensuring consistency in the clipper cutting process.

Expertly Explained, New Deep Details:

The nuances of clipper haircutting has never been so clear, Comprehensive guidance, discovering insights and techniques that have never been shared before that set you on a fast path to mastery.

Staying Ahead In Clipper Haircutting Education:

This book rejuvenates the creative spark, and through Focus, Concentration, and Preparation we can and will stay positive about the future of clipper haircutting. The path is paved.

"A Few Reactions to The ClockPoint Template"

"As great as it is to be recognized, the work has just begun, and will never stop" 

- Kevin D. Allen (Kariz)

Educator, Master Barber, Active Community Member, Founder of KarizCutz LLC of the Poconos


“The Clockpoint Template is an exciting & innovative new way to teach, learn, and decipher haircuts and techniques. It creates a better visual way to approach each haircut and style. Clients no longer
come into your chair asking for a fade, ceasar, or the usual. They
now come in with a picture of someone else’s haircut and ask you to
duplicate it. With Jay Caldwell’s new template we now have a clear-
er understanding of the picture we are looking at a more confident
approach to executing it. Thank you Jay, I will be using this with my
students. The future of haircutting is now.”

- Lenny “The Barber” Hansen

Celebrity Barber for Over 20 Years


“I’ve had the pleasure of to work with various celebrities such as
Nelly, Nas, Q Tip, Shaquille O’Neal, Donnie McClurkin, and Freddie

Jackson to name a few. About 15 years ago I went to a Barber Cut-
ting Class at a Hair Show prior to me becoming a Masters Barber.

Jay Caldwell was the Instructor of the Cutting Class. His skill set
blew my mind. Some of the lessons that I learned in that class I still
apply to my cutting regiment to this day. So the fact that Jay has
created, & developed this Generational / Global – Clockpoint Theory
– Haircutting System only makes sense. I look forward to seeing how
this system impacts the world of Haircutting. Much Respect to you
Jay, and God Speed Jay…”

- Corey Webster

– Proud Barber Dad – 2X Super Bowl Champion with The New York Football Giants


“Sir Jay has done it. Clockpoint is everything. As far as I can remember,
I have dabbled at being a barber. However, my experience has been
mostly being a trial by error barber now that I think about it. I have
a few Kong’s who can testify to my errors. Sir Jay and I met around
2005 through my good friend, James Butler. From day one, the
tone was set and Sir Jay educated me on his hair cutting system.
Clockpoint is a system that I know will be vital to all educators,
stylists, students, and cultures! Finally a system that allows you to
duplicate a style or cut consistently each and every time. Well done

- Justin Tuck

Former NFL Star, 2-Time Super Bowl Champion, 2-Time Pro-Bowl & All-Pro Defensive End


“Jay has figured out how to create literature that captures his passion for details and in Clockpoint, Jay has verbalized insightful and
detailed guidance for the Perfect Haircutting Method.”

"What Sparked The Mind Behind ClockPoint"...

Jay E. Caldwell

The Evolution of ClockPoint Haircutting: “My journey in the hair industry which began more than 33 years ago consistently revealed a significant challenge: students and even some instructors found it difficult to grasp the traditional degree-based methodology of haircutting. This language of degrees, while standard, often hindered rapid and effective learning. Many fresh graduates, despite their potential, were not ready to cater to the diverse demands of clients immediately after school. The reason? Conventional education prioritized passing state exams over imparting real-world, practical skills.

This gap in the educational system had tangible consequences. Graduates often spent years in junior roles, like shampooing, before they could confidently handle clients, affecting their earnings and career growth. This wasn’t due to a lack of talent or dedication but a systemic issue with the foundational language of instruction.

Recognizing this, I felt a compelling need to shift the paradigm. But the true foundation of ClockPoint Haircutting was laid when I embarked on a personal challenge: teaching my 13-year-old godson. I believed that if I could simplify and convey these techniques to a young mind, making them grasp and excel at it, then this method had the potential to revolutionize the way anyone, irrespective of age or background, learned haircutting. ClockPoint Haircutting emerged from this belief. By replacing the abstract language of degrees with the intuitive framework of a clock face, learning became more accessible and immediate. This approach ensures that hairstylists can serve their clients confidently right from the start, eliminating prolonged learning curves and setting them on a path to immediate professional success.”

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