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This Innovative, Forward thinking Educator is the former Lead Educator for the Andis Clipper Company, Has Trained the Advanced Academy Educational Team for HairClub for Men & Women in Restoration Cutting.

He has also presented his ClockPoint HairCutting System to the Corporate Director of Education for Empire Hair Schools, Numerous Paul Mitchell Schools, a few Aveda Schools, Numerous Empire Hair Schools, and has shared HairCutting Experiences and Education all over the states at the biggest and brightest stages and classrooms of the International Hair Show Circuits, providing solutions to the the many problematic miscommunicated instruction that Barbers, Stylists, and Students face everyday.

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Male haircut with electric razor. Tattooed Barber makes haircut for client at the barber shop by

Our goal is clear, Our Instruction simple, to re-educate and educate hair care professionals around the world with a Universal Learning Language. The New ClockPoint Template will reestablish the learning process of haircutting. Our angle recognition education is the most accurate in the world. The use of the Traditional Clock face offers swift fast mastery of the most difficult techniques in moments! Try our sample course.

The wait is over, Now a Barber can learn all types of Layered Cuts, Pixies, and other women’s trendy styles executed with Scissors/Shears, and Stylist can now learn amazing fading techniques with detailed clipper, comb attachment, and blade instruction for the short or longer trendy men’s styles.

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Learn to utilise the C.U.T. It will help to uncover answers to questions, techniques, angles and results you’ve seen but still never quite understood. The C.U.T applies to all shear cutting angles, fading instructions, and even razor entry angles. Once you see the template you won’t ever NOT see it again.

The Most Accurate Method For Labeling & Duplicating All Angles of Use.