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Conducted Andis platform artistry trainings and contributed heavily in the International Show circuit as one of the most influential educators and sellers that ever graced the Andis stage.

Paul Mitchell

Provide Education to PMTS as Guest Artist Instructing Men's & Women`s haircutting Techniques Around the Country.


Contracted To Performed Hands-On Trainings For The Corporate Advanced Academy Team, Instructing Advanced Fading & Blending Techniques That Make The Existing Hair & The System "Hair" Appear Visually Undetectable.


Performed An Educational Presentation Of The ClockPoint HairCutting System To The Director Of Education & Training @ The Corporate Head Quarters Of Empire Schools

Unlock the secrets in Haircutting and discover a whole new world of knowledge

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The New HairCutting Template: Shifting the Focus of Clipper HairCutting (English version - Printed Copy)

“Unveiling ‘Shifting the Focus of Clipper Haircutting: The New ClockPoint Template’. Dive into a revolutionary guide that meticulously reshapes the art of haircutting. Boasting 326 pages packed with over 84 ClockPoint Templates, head illustrations, charts, and exclusive fade styles, this book is your ultimate resource. Master innovative techniques for consistent, impressive results, and harness the ClockPoint Template’s transformative power. Perfect for both seasoned stylists and aspiring barbers, it promises to refine your techniques and redefine industry standards.”





La Nueva Plantilla de Corte de Cabello: Cambiando el Enfoque del Corte con Máquina (Traducción al Español - Copia Impresa)


Versión en Español: (Copia Impresa) Pre-ordena Ahora
“Presentando ‘Cambiando el Enfoque del Corte con Máquina: La Nueva Plantilla ClockPoint’. Sumérgete en una guía revolucionaria que meticulosamente transforma el arte de cortar el cabello. Con 326 páginas repletas de más de 84 Plantillas ClockPoint, ilustraciones de cabezas, gráficos y estilos de desvanecimiento exclusivos, este libro es tu recurso definitivo. Domina técnicas innovadoras para obtener resultados consistentes e impresionantes y aprovecha el poder transformador de la Plantilla ClockPoint. Perfecto para estilistas con experiencia y barberos en formación, promete refinar tus técnicas y redefinir los estándares de la industria.”

Just A Few "Book Review" Comments:

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a guide for students who frequently have questions about hair cutting systems. It provides information on the different types of systems available, as well as how to choose the right one for your needs.

The method of angle identification, labeling and language replacing the language of Degrees with the numeric alignment of the traditional clock face format.

The Most Accurate form of Education for Haircutting instruction uses the traditional clock face as the basis of reference foundation of clarity.

No. All the Instruction is for left and right-handed Cutters. 

Yes, this will answer and unlock the ease of use to the most difficult techniques in Haircutting.

Immediate use and effectiveness will be achieved upon completion of the said course. We have eliminated all the deep thinking and reduced the learning curve to stimulate better results right away.

Yes, Both are fully covered and applicable.

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