"The HairCutting Matrix" Advanced, Accurate, Applicable.

Experience Geometric-Symmetry Learning: An art form of Instruction that connects Visually, Mentally, and Practically (simultaneously) to eliminate the steep traditional learning curve.”

The Paradigm Shift

The hair industry’s biggest problem is mastering new textures and styles. This steep learning curve, marked by a gap in knowledge and fear of diversity, can stall the growth and income of both seasoned and new professionals. True expertise extends beyond confidence, as unmet client expectations often reveal our skills and experience limitations, challenging our ability to satisfy diverse client demands.

The skill gap not only tarnishes your reputation but also caps your earnings and growth. Every client dissatisfaction, rooted in unfamiliarity with certain textures or styles, underscores the need for a resolution. As the industry and client preferences evolve, you’re left perpetually trailing, struggling to secure genuine confidence in your diverse capabilities.

ClockPoint delivers a targeted solution, enhancing versatility across all textures and styles. Our program equips you to fulfill any client need with confidence, turning fear into mastery. Stay ahead of trends with skills that lead the industry, ensuring you’re not just keeping pace but setting it. With ClockPoint, every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth and higher income.

Guided Learning & An Empowered Supported Ecosystem

“ClockPoint’s ecosystem merges group enrollments, direct messaging, and live virtual classes for unmatched support. Gain immediate access to expert guidance and a community keen on mutual growth. Here, every learner improves, backed by an environment dedicated to everyone’s success.”

Accelerated Expertise in Shears & Clippers

“ClockPoint offers a direct path to overcoming the common fears associated with shear and clipper techniques, ensuring rapid improvement at an unprecedented pace. Our professional, structured approach demystifies advanced methods, fostering confidence and significant skill enhancement faster than ever before. Embrace a future where mastery is not just achievable—it’s inevitable.” 

Universal Learning Language: Mastery Recognized Worldwide

“ClockPoint’s universal learning language transcends linguistic barriers, enabling mastery for stylists worldwide. Our globally recognized template supports both left and right-hand cutters, making top-tier haircutting skills accessible to all. Embrace a curriculum that ensures precise technique replication, where even videos in foreign languages don’t slow down your learning, thanks to our clear visual design.”


Barber Class

“It’s a career changer,
Hands Down, It’s Over!”

Presentation Class

“I don’t know why that’s 

sticking in my head lol.”

Wellness Class

“Now i can’t wait to go home 

and tell other people about it.”

Hands-On Class

“Great Workshop”. “I geeked out a little over that so”.

Discover Our HairCutting Educational Influence
The "Hub Club"

HubClub "Members Only" Where We Stay Connected

1 Co-Lab Seat
2 Video Evaluation
3 Consultation Call
Co-Lab Seat

Co-Lab Seat

The HubClub’s (Private) virtual haven where minds converge, on course content, cutting techniques, ideas spark, and collaborations.  Enjoy seamless clarity, and focused efficiency– this space is where progress takes center stage. For us all.

Co-Lab Seat
Video Evaluation

Video Evaluation

Harness the power of visual feedback and real-time correction. The HubClub's video evaluations offer in-depth insights, clean graphic overlays for easy comprehension, empowering you with clarity and actionable steps to elevate your performance.

Video Evaluation
Consultation Call

Consultation Call

Group or Personalized, direct, and solution-driven. The HubClub's consultation calls bridge gaps, providing expert guidance tailored to your unique needs. Your success, our commitment.

Consultation Call
Frequently Asked Questions

The method of angle identification, labeling and language replacing the language of Degrees with the numeric alignment of the traditional clock face format.

The Most Accurate form of Education for Haircutting instruction uses the traditional clock face as the basis of reference foundation of clarity.

No. All the Instruction is for left and right-handed Cutters. 

Yes, this will answer and unlock the ease of use to the most difficult techniques in Haircutting. The creative aspect of your skillset will reach new heights when you gain the visual clarity of the ClockPoint template and its many secrets.

Immediate use and effectiveness will be achieved upon completion of the said course, or training. We have eliminated all the deep thinking and reduced the learning curve to achieve better results right away.

Yes, Both are fully covered and applicable. Every instruction taught to a right-handed cutter is equally taught to a left-handed cutter.

No, we do not sell or share your personal information with anyone. We respect the privacy and protection of your information.